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Stepping On Other Planets

Humans are the most advanced form of life on the small blue planet of our Solar System, called Earth. Their complex brain always poses questions and is eagerly  searching for answers.

They achieved to explore Earth and then turned to the Universe. Then, Earth seemed to them small and the desire to conquer other planets was born.

The fulldome documentary "Stepping on other planets" describes, in a simple and understandable way-along with stunning visuals, the other planets and the human efforts for the exploration and conquest of the closest to Earth heavenly bodies as the Moon and planet Mars.


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  • Vitaly Baldych - Composer

''I was born in Yaroslavl, one of the most beautiful cities in the European part of Russia. This city gave me the first and most valuable lessons in music, which, from the time of my childhood has become for me something special. I played and worked in bands of different orientation, was fond of jazz, ska, hard rock, but the most favorite destination for me - music for relaxation. 
This wonderful music can be found in every style and genre, from hard rock to minimalism. The main criterion: the music should be easy to enter into every heart and soul, soothe, pacify, to make the world more good. I want to write something like this ... And if my music will have someone in mind, then I'll know what I've done something good and right.''

Duration - 29 min

Target audience - All age groups 

Format - Fulldome

Orientation - Unidirectional

Resolution - 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k

Production - Theofanis Matsopoulos

Languages - English, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Chinese

Price - Contact

Preview - Contact or Visit Fulldome Database (login required)


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